how to create a company in


°Step – Constitution of the company


°Step – Imposed Internal

°Step – the brand Registers
°Step – Webpage

We explained to you how step by step to create a company in, from the constitution to your presence in Internet.

From the 1
°of May of 2013, it is possible through Internet, the constitution of a company in. Initially, it was only possible to set up companies of limited responsibility nowadays, but, and thanks to the investment in technology that realised on the part of the Government of, is possible that today you can form, divide and modify any society through

In this article, we will explain to you how you must do it and we will give some tips you to be successful in intenet.


°Step – Constitution of the company

You must create the company legally, and choose the legal type of person. In this process, you will have to register all legal data, name of fantasy the society, trade name, legal direction, capital amount with which you will initiate the company, appoints of the partners and others.

It is necessary that you have a tributary direction to be able to begin to operate, and for it they exist alternative of virtual offices. These provide a physical address, with a contract of sub leasing, that will serve you to present in the service of internal taxes at the time of initiating activities.

For the constitution, you must enter to, complete the form with the asked for data, and write down the number of attention that you will receive in the process. With this number, you will be able to go to a notary's office, or, if you have a Electrónica Company Outpost (UGLY), to finish the process online.

Finally, and when finishing this process, you will have in your power the writing of the society.