What is Hosting or lodging Web and its types

Hosting is a place in an Internet, that allows the execution of webpages so that they are visible anywhere in the world. Hosting can be called with several names, such as, Web Hosting, Web Hosting, Host, and Hosting Web. And they are possible to be classified in several types who we will define next:

Shared Hosting

or Hosting shared Web, is hosting more common that you will find to contract in Internet. He is the one that all use to raise a webpage without a great traffic with basic privileges to administer characteristics as, to add an additional domain, parked domains, to create post office, and redirections. This type of lodging is economic, but not for that reason of quality inferior. He can be very efficient and if your website is optimized correctly and you choose hosting suitable, ideally, hosting limitless. He administers himself with a panel, which in the great majority of the times, it is Cpanel, recognized as one of best and the safest ones in Internet.

what is hosting shared
Figure 1: Shared Hosting: Many clients have their webpages in a same servant

Hosting is not a developer Web, but, its only function, is to hostear a webpage, done by same you or some designer, and to execute it in Internet correctly, according to the resources available (CPU, DISC, RAM). Good host always has an administration by the supplier, that would have to help you with the administration of cpanel and at least to give you to reports of the operation and execution of its webpage.

Hosting de Correo

Hosting of mail is a lodging less complete than hosting shared, that only allows you to create e-mail accounts and to administer them. This wants to say, to be able to change passwords, to create respondent redirections, and car. It is an precise service, but often it is one better alternative so that it has better stability. Hosting of mail generally works with services as Webmail (Roudcube and Horde), Zimbra, and OX mail. The service of mail of G Suite, is much more that hosting, since it is a complete cloud, that include many more applications than a service of traducional lodging, when handling tools as sheets, drive, etc.

Hosting Reseller

Or Hosting for remarketers, is a type of lodging who allows to an administration outpost than hosting shared, but with less privileges than a servant. It is an ideal service for which they want to be remarketers of hosting. The best service of hosting remarketer is used with panel cpanel, since this panel count on an interface by the side of the called administrator WHM, who allows that your you can create your own packages of host, with disc space, bandwidth, additional data bases, domains, and other characteristics. Also this panel of allows to create customized your dns. It is important that at the time of choosing a lodging for remarketers, you are conscious that the technical support you will have to give it you yourself to your clients, reason why, you must realise a course or see tutorial video that they allow to administer the service correctly you. The disadvantage of this service, is that it depends on the stability of the servant, and you will not be able to administer by ssh nor to reinitiate some service in case present fault. It is by the previous thing, that hosting to reseller, must be updated a deprived virtual servant (VPS) when your portfolio of clients increases. While more privileges you have for you administer, you will be improving your services.

Servers VPS

A private virtual servant, also known as VPS, or hosting VPS, is a type of hosting virtualized, with the same privileges that if outside a dedicated servant. Servers VPS count on a privileged administration, that has kindness as the installation of applications, updates of operating system, to reinitiate services, apache and dns. We can form ours hosting vps as we want, if we needed to install zimbra for post office, to perhaps use OX mail, or, to install some database engine as mongo db or postgress, also will be possible to do. Without a doubt, a servant vps is one of the best alternatives for projects than they need confidentiality, in addition to being a service that promises a better yield so that the resources are considerably majors that hosting traditional. If your Web will be a system, where you will have products or sell some product massively, is possible that a VPS will be the best option for you.

that vps is servant
Figure 2: Servers VPS: The main servant is distributed in 4 mini servers.

Among others benefits, a servant vps is economic than a dedicated servant, and their resources (disc, memory, processor) can be increased without necessarily having to go to Datacenter, to extinguish the servant and to make an intervention. To the being all virtual one, could be enough a resumption just by.

Dedicated servers

It is a physical machine, as a super computer, that uses discs, memory and CPU enterprise, that is to say, that they will support to be time ignitions for a long period, and to execute the wished traffic following how you arm it. A dedicated servant can be formed for many things, but you are here, most common he is than he is to serve to some application Web, or webpage by far traffic, perhaps an Intranet, or a great servant of post office. With a dedicated servant you will have to realise an initial investment if you wish to take your own servant to a Datacenter and to pay by housing, or, you can contract in leasing by costs that could go from the 100 USD or monthly superior.

A machine dedicated following its configuration, is more open to than you can add to the amount of disc and memory that your you want, in resistance to a virtual servant, where the credimiento will depend on the resources available by the supplier. To think about a dedicated servant is to project to the high use of resources, and we do not have to forget, that also we needed a basic knowledge how administering it, this to remove the maximum benefit to our machine.

That is dedicated servant
Figure 3: Dedicated servant: It is the main engine

A servant also dedicated can be installed in your dependencies, you will need that if, one salita equipped for his operation.

Tools for hosting

We explained to you more above than cpanel/whm is considered the best tools for the efficient management of hosting. And for them, many tools exist that will facilitate when webmaster the administration of his hosting. We mentioned to you next, some applications or tools that always you would have to use, or at least, to be in charge of which your hosting has them:


It is a tool that you will see in cpanel (as long as admin installs it), that will allow you to install applications as: WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Moodle, OsClass, between hundreds more. It is very simple to use, and you do not need to deliver much attack to have a store ecommerce online, since you can do it with a pair of clicks, and filling some asked for fields. There are many videos of help in Internet that explain to you step by step as using it.

Selector of version php

It allows you to choose the version of php that your you want, generally, comes including in hosting that uses cloudlinux you. Its importance is in which, the systems as wordpress, prestashop, and others, are in constant update, by security or to improve their interfaces and characteristics, reason why, as well demand to be updating the version of php, otherwise, generate errors or, vulnerabilities simply.


Without a doubt, if contracts hosting with another panel, is very probable that the management is more complex, or does not exist much documentation on the matter. Cpanel gives flexibility you by its preferred use in the companies of hosting, this means, that if you want to move of hosting, will be much more simple. Cpanel adds many applications that help you to improve the administration of their account, to make a redirection or to create an account of mail with this tool, is very simple.

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