To create a Gratis webpage now is possible thanks to the Hosting and services cloud

To have a webpage free, today is possible thanks to the efforts of thousands of programmers who have caused that the tools in the cloud are simple, friendly, and very intuitive to use. Before beginning, we will speak of the types of webpage that is possible to create free, and how it is due to do correctly.

Tools to create a webpage

In Internet we see many promotions, pages, and tools that tell us: “It creates your webpage free”, “Creates your webpage with sub domain free”, but, Which to choose? What is recommended if it is a tool free. In this article, we will show to the pro and cons to you of the most famous tools in Internet, and more used by the users. Also we will explain to you, the types of webpages that you will be able to create, that to probably surprises you by everything what you can do, with a very economic cost, or to cost zero.

Creative Web Gratis and Hosting

Without a doubt, the best alternative, always will be to be the owner of your creations and this option, you only gives some hosting and companies to it of services cloud. All the suppliers of lodging Web do not count on tools of friendly creation Web, reason why you must choose very well your supplier not to lose your creation. When creating a Web in a plan of host, you will be the owner of all the information that is contained in, for that reason, if at some time you are wanted to transfer of supplier, you can do it.

  • You are owner of your webpage
  • You can be transferred of hosting when you want
  • You must do it in host of payment
  • It could cut a few weights to you

hosting supply

Creative Web Free with sub domain free

There are many companies that allow you to create a webpage with friendly tools, without receiving by your hosting, and in addition, give sub to you domain. This it is the case of companies as Weebly, or Wix, whose creators Web magnificent and are very used by the users.

What we can more honor of these creators Web, is that really you do not need to know nothing, the only requirement, is to be a basic user of Internet. Its documentation is very good so that you can undertake and learn fast. This alternative is free only for using sub domain of the company, but not your corporative name, for example, “”, for it, already you will have to pay.

The Contras
  • You will depend in a 100% on the costs that handle, and value of the dollar. You will not be able to make an endorsement of your webpage and to take it to another place in case you have a rise of prices, or that the company breaks. That is to say, it is a gratuitous alternative but she does not stop to project in the future.

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