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4 Key factors to do ecommerce successful

Ecommerce is a virtual store in the Web that will represent your company Internet, and it will allow you to sell any product in any place of the world. The stores of electronic commerce, independent of the nature of their business, must approach 4 key factors to be successful and remain in the time. To each of them, you will have to spend several working hours to you so that everything leaves as it delays. It remembers that to have a store ecommerce, also you must pay a leasing, similar to which to pay by your physical premises, but this case, will be the digital platform which you choose to mount it. Next we mentioned the key steps to follow to begin today to sell by Internet.

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Virtual platform

Without a doubt the correct election of a virtual platform to mount ecommerce could save many costs to you. The virtual platform will be the place where you will create/will create your ecommerce. You can choose systems as the one of jumseller or shopify, or the most used, hosting ecommerce.

The advantage companies as jumseller or wix, is that you do not need to know how absolutely nothing to mount your first store ecommerce. Their disadvantages, are the costs, that will depend on if they increase it, the webpage will not be yours, and you will not be able to endorse it in case you want to put in stand by in line your commerce. They do not exist either alternative to integrate systems of invoicing and/or payments. It is a good option as long as your business does not have a high reach and/or projections of integration of other systems.

If you wish to have ecommerce own, and to project to you in the future, we recommended to you to do it in hosting ecommerce, where the archives will be of your property, and you will have flexibility to install means of payment, inventories and systems of logistic. Our recommendation is to always do it in hosting, or ideally, a servant vps optimized.

Platforms of payments

A store ecommerce must have a platform to receive payments. In, the used form of payment more is Transbank. Also they exist intermediary as Flow or Payu Latam, that acquires a higher commission, but their reports of transactions and integration of their modules are many more efficient and safe. We recommended to use an intermediary and to be not worried of the reverse problems and of Webpay Extra to you. Other alternatives are, Multicaja and, by all means greatest of the world, Paypal.

Logistic of product

You must spend several hours to think to you about how you will do it for the shipments of your products and choosing couriers carefully. Nowadays many alternatives for the delivery of products, such as,xpress exist and Blue, that are used for safe shipments. The correct election saves costs to you and to your buyers, reason why you must analyze by far detail before integrating them to your car of purchases. To give in time a product is key so that your business has good reputation in Internet, the lost one or delay in the shipment of the product could be fatal for your business.

It is necessary nowadays, that the buyer can track its purchase, and in you update it exist alternative to integrate plugins or modules in your ecommerce, so that the client can follow the shipment of his product.


Without a good planning of marketing, it is little probable that your store online is the successful that awaited. You must spend time to him, and write it in paper. The planning along with the actions that will take to end, is key to obtain the traffic that needs your store ecommerce. As well as you consider the demand of your sales, you must also consider the amount of visits that will have your website, to be able to prepare to you with a suitable servant. To use the social networks without a doubt will be of much help to present your ecommerce, reason why we recommended to you that you can contract a service of social network management, or make some course and do it you yourself. You must spend time to him if you want that it works as delays.

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