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To learn to program is a diciplina that all we would have to dominate


To learn PHP year 1998, had possibly surprised to you. The information was basic, and there were no many scripts on which an apprentice or developer one could work. When you looked for information, you found Forums mainly where there were prepared people to solve your doubts, and saw a feedback that little we see today. Near the year 2000,, without a doubt was the best forum of help for programmers, and many were born there also.

After 20 years above, the telecommunications, technologies and Internet have evolved so that everything is easier, as much for people as companies in their way to communicate and to manage information. From, that to learn is within reach of anyone with a relatively good connection, we spoke here of which with 1 megabyte, it is sufficient to be able to sail by Internet, to read and to see videos.

Why to learn PHP

PHP is one of the languages more used to make webpages and systems Web. You will wonder yourself if time in learning php is worth to invest it to make webpages, existing applications as wordpress or prestashop at the moment that is systems already done. Or if, it is worth the pain to develop to an application Web, when already many software of inventory, CMS, management of personnel exist, buildings, etc. The answer is IF. Why? That or they are done, does not mean that they are not due/can improve, or to implement applications exceeds they (systems of invoicing, inventory, etc.). While more knowledge you have in programming, your mind will be opened more to create and to solve problems. While more differentiated it is your store in line, more possibilities you must to prevail.

What to do with php

With PHP you can make any application Web by the side of the servant. Generally, php works with data bases mysql. Applications as, cotizadores in line, software of enterprise management, to publish pages in wordpress, to do ecommerce, calculators, algorithms search, and an endless ones of programs that you can imagine.

Where to learn php desce zero

Many academies online have arisen, some by far prestige, even universities. We can choose between a course certificate by an educational institution, or itself you want to learn, you can take a course, also done by professionals, in Udemy or Coursera. The modality of both, is that you enter a platform Web, where you will see the course in tutorial video, with prices from the 10 usd.

Recommended courses of PHP to learn from zero, by less than 12 usd

  • 1. 7 PHP and Mysql: One of our favorites, you will learn from the installation of apache in your computer, development of contact forms, to a little object-oriented programming.
  • 2. It learns php from zero and without previous knowledge: This course teaches from the foundations of php, that is to say, their operators (if, else, etc), arrays to you, and all the basic one to begin to program. Also it advances towards the use of cookies and sessions.
  • 3. It learns php from zero with 36 practical exerciseses: It is a basic course, where you learn from the operators of php, until the use of bookstores as Bootstrap and jQuery. He is completely interactive, since you will see many practical examples and of daily use.

University courses of php Free

  • 1. Building Web Applications in PHP: If you have an English half, without a doubt we recommended this course to you of php of the university of Michigan, gratuitous in the coursera platform. This course gives slight knowledge to you of css, xaamp, logic operators of php and methods get and post.

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