Who we are

We are a company with experience in solutions of Datacenter

Who we are

HostingCom is supplier of solutions of Datacenter and computer sciences in and Latin America, with own facilities in the commune of Huechuraba, and servers distributed in other locations. Formed by professionals with solid bases in networks and know how in services of storage Web and Internet, the company begins its operations year 2008, and since then it has acquired a great technical handling and experience in administration of servers, which converges, in an important portfolio of clients of all the areas. HostingCom works with high standards of security, updating periodically its servers, and constantly enabling its technical and commercial personnel. From its beginnings, HostingCom has been characterized to have a warm and flexible deal with its clients, variables that have been key to achieve the success and to consolidate to HostingCom as company leader of the industry.


The servers of Gitahost are located physically in Santiago de, and other locations as Canada and the United States, connected to 1gbps of superfluous national connection, using backup power through generator ELTs and UPSs. All the previous one, with the purpose of obtaining major redundancy and security that our competition in.


To be superiors to our competition, giving integral consultant's offices and a service post excellence sale.


To give to the best service of Web hosting of the country, reaching the best standards of quality and security in servers. To obtain a communication is transparent and warm with all the users, to do to thousands of happy clients.